Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens after the 12 week programme finishes? Can I continue to get support?

You can join the 'Your Health' Dietitian Maintenance programme where you dietitian will continue to provide support, encouragement, regular updates and healthy recipes.

  • Who can follow the programme?

You have to be over 18 and have a BMI of over 25 to participate in the programme.

  • I have specific dietary requirements (e.g. gluten free, vegetarian, vegan). Is the programme suitable for me?

The programme provides guidelines that can be easily adapted to suit both personal preference and most dietary requirements. Please have a chat with your dietitian prior to starting the programme if you have any concerns. Your dietitian will tailor the programme to your personal needs as much as possible.

  • I have a medical condition. Can I do the programme?

I recommend checking in with your GP before embarking on a lifestyle change programme. Please discuss with your dietitian any medical concerns you have and provide copies of any medications and recent bloodwork you have.

  • I am pregnant or breastfeeding. Is the programme suitable for me?

It is not recommended to take part in a weight loss programme while pregnant or breastfeeding. However, your dietitian is happy to provide a consultation; ensuring you are getting everything you and your baby needs to be healthy.

  • What results can I expect?

It is so difficult to give an expected weight loss as everybody is different and results vary from person to person. It can depend on how rigorously you follow the plan and how much you engage in physical activity.  A recommended rate of weight loss is 1 - 2 lbs (0.5 - 1 kg) per week.  Aim for 12 - 24 lbs (6 - 12 kg) during the 12 weeks.

  • Can I still go out for dinner or drink alcohol on the programme?

The short answer is YES! The programme is designed to be flexible to provide guidelines for you to make healthy changes to support weight loss, whilst still enjoying your life. Your dietitian will provide information on how to make healthier choices when eating out or drinking alcohol.

  • Can I get my money back part way through the 12 weeks

Regrettably, like most weight loss packages, once purchased we are unable to offer a refund.  This applies whether you change your mind or do not complete the programme.