Low Energy and Meal Replacement Programme

Low Energy and Meal Replacement Programme

The Low Energy Diet Programme has been created to help people who have struggled with traditional treatments to lose weight and achieve their lifestyle goals. This plan aims to help you change your lifestyle and behaviour around food to allow you to lose weight and maintain this. There are several options available for you to choose from and with your dietitian, it is important that you choose the right one for you. Please find below a table of the available options.
Programme Calories Examples
Total Meal Replacement Diet Approx. 600- 800 calories Gradual increase to low calorie diet Exante, Slim and Save, Shake that Weight
Low Energy Diet Meal Replacements 800 to 1200 calories Kendalife, Slimfast, Tesco slim,
Low Energy Diet Food only 800 to 1200 calories

Once you have decided which option you wish to do you will be regularly monitored through this process by your dietitian to help you achieve you goals. 

You dietitian will see you weekly or fortnightly (depending on which package you choose) for the first 12 week to help provide support and weigh you. She will provide support via email, text and phone between appointments. 

Support following the initial 12 week plan can be provided to continue to support your weight loss or weight maintenance journey. 

How much does the ‘Your Health’ Low Energy Diet Programme cost?

  • Weekly package : A 12 week ‘Your Health’ Low Energy Diet Programme with weekly appointments costs Just £495 (not including products).

  • Fortnightly package : A 12 week ‘Your Health’ Low Energy Diet Programme with fortnightly appointments costs Just £295 (not including products).