Initial Appointment (60 mins)
Initial Appointment in person or via web chat (60 mins).
Follow up Appointment (30 mins)
Follow up appointment in person or via web chat (30 mins)
Appointment package
Initial Appointment (60 mins) and 3 (30 Minute) Follow up appointments
Initial and follow up appointments, and includes a full set of Kings College FODMAP resource booklets (these can only be purchased by FODMAP qualified dietitians).
Online 12 Week Programme
£350 (usually £500)
Online healthy lifestyles and weight loss 12 week programme.
DNA Test Consultation and Report
Prices starting from £125 (excluding test price)
Choose from: DNA Health, DNA Diet and weight loss, DNA Oestrogen, DNA Mind, DNA Skin or DNA Sport.
(Visit Personalised Health for more information about each test)
Very Low Energy Diet package
A 12 week Very Low Energy Diet Programme with fortnightly dietitian appointments.(Price not including products).